How to implement the solution?


Our solution can be implemented anywhere and on all types of landscapes and in any size. Be it a city of 100 km2 (or 40 sq. mi), a suburban house with garden, 10 000 m2 (or 2.5 ac) of crop fields or forest can be all revitalized.

The size of the area and the property owner's vision determine how the solution will be implemented. Once we identified the area where the rainwater retention measures can be built, the actual solution is broken down into several steps.


Municipality and state

Overheated city? Air quality impacted by drought? Citizens and properties at danger due to flashfloods and mudslides or wildfires?
Agricultural crops at stake due to climate extremes?
These are just some of the problems that can be resolved while using systematic expert approach to implementing our solution.

Large or complex property

Do  you suffer from any specific issues - such as drought, low ground water levels, wildfires danger or the contrary such as flashfloods, erosion and soil loss?
Or is your property large enough to require systematic expert approach? Are you concerned about how you impact climate change? We will be happy to help!

Small property

If you have a small property within 20 ha (50 ac) and you would like to build rainwater retention measures in DIY fashion, we recommend our resources section.
Besides inspiration you may find many practical tips and how-tos.



I. Territory assessment

We assess the territory specifics and combine it with the property's owner needs and requirements.

II. Implementation project

Collected data is processed into a custom project design which is handed over for implementation.

III. Implementation supervision

Supervision during implementation prevents unexpected delays and deviations in quality.

IV. Ci2® compliance certification

Objectively measured property's performance from perspective of water management and climate impact.

I. Territory assessment

It is essential to find out more about the territory and the needs of the property owner. For example, the requirements of an individual property owner will differ from expectations of a local government. Our personnel is dispatched for environmental due-diligence of the territory.

We create photo documentation of the territory. Where necessary, aerial analysis of the area leveraging drones equipped with special data collection technology. We also gather additional information through a detailed questionnaire.

Price: starting from 10 000 EUR/property

Delivery: the assessment will start in approx. 2 weeks after the agreed terms, deliverable delivery is dependent on complexity of the territory

The outcome is a common understanding of both parties on their needs and options that exist to address the requirements.

The deliverable is an approximate estimate of the required water retention capacity of the area (approx. 20% variance) and proposed next course of action. A tailored, territory specific analysis is designed and provided within a 5-20 pages document. Additional solution related materials are provided.

II. Implementation project

The project is based on inputs gathered in the detailed assessment phase. Its complexity depends on the requirements to be addressed and the size of the territory.

The project documentation covers a detailed analysis of the micro-river basins. Quantification of the rainwater volume is done per basin. The micro-basins are assigned priorities individually according to the local environment.

Price: approx. 10% of the estimated project budget

Delivery: the terms are to be agreed individually based on complexity of the territory

The most appropriate water retention measures are selected and combined from an existing catalog of over 5000 entries. Each water retention measure type is documented in detail. 

The deliverable is complete project implementation documentation (PID) – including budget, visualization, pre-implementation monitoring and implementation scope options based on the available budget.

III. Implementation supervision

We provide supervision during implementations to ensure the newly created water retention measures are going to be effective and functional.

It is optional and recommended to have the actual implementation done by an independent local company. If there is an external company involved, it is advisable to have construction supervision in place.

Price: terms to be agreed

Delivery: during project implementation duration

The quality of work is checked regularly during the implementation process. Post-implementation monitoring of the territory is included. 

The deliverable is managerial report and photo documentation.

IV. Ci2® compliance certification

Each territory is unique. This certification takes this fact into account and assesses compliance of the territory to the best practice of property management. The compliance ensures that the area as such is managed in the best possible way from water management and climate impact perspective.


Once the certificate has been successfully issued, it scientifically confirms that the territory has long-term sustainable water management and as such has a minimal negative impact on the climate.
The certification is valid for four years. The territory is re-assessed after this period to ensure that the water retention mechanisms are working efficiently over time and sustainability is maintained.

Price: promo 0.5 EUR/m2

Delivery: approx. 2 weeks after monitoring

Aerial monitoring of the territory leveraging a drone with custom built sensors is a prerequisite for the assessment. Our proprietary algorithm evaluates the monitored parameters, quantifies each section of the territory and even indicates areas of future improvements.
Territory’s climate impact index is calculated, and a certificate of compliance is issued. 

For more scientific background details on solution

please visit our science behind section.