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Location: Bombala, New South Wells

GPS coordinates: 36.47585, 149.06236

Parameters: Shifting mindset from the animals to the land. Property size: 4200 hectares. Average annual rainfall: 550 mm. Elevation: 800 -1000 m. Motivation for change was ecological deterioration and dependence on rainfall for profit.

Prior to implementation: Initially inspired to perform a trial of new management practices to better manage received rainfall, Charlie and Anne Maslin ended up following their instincts - fully changing focus from their animals to the land - and they have never looked back.

After implementation: By constructing “leaky weirs”, implementing cell grazing and fencing out stock from highly degraded riparian areas, dependency on rainfall per se was reduced through more effectively management of water flowing through the landscape; pasture growing periods have increased and there is greater continuity of streamflow within and downstream of the farm.

Pictures from the location: