Concave green roof as Water-Energy-Food Nexus at Seoul National University

Location: Seoul National University Building No 35

GPS coordinates: 37.456398, 126.952150

Parameters: Concave green roof is in the area of 840 m2 of the total 2000 m2 rooftop area; water retention measures volume is 150m3.

Prior to implementation: A normal flat concrete rooftop where all the rainwater was directed to the downpipe and connected to the nearby sewer system. As a result, there was an increased risk of flooding at downstream neighbors and the temperature rises up to 50 C at the surface of rooftop during summer months.

After implementation: Concave green roof is composed of 420 m2 of the flower garden, 100m2 of the fish pond and 320 m2 of vegetable garden. This place became a very friendly and beautiful gathering place with the Water-Energy-Food nexus. Green roof community formed and holds several events annually – such as potato harvesting, Kimchi making, etc.

Pictures of the location: