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The Earth is Burning!


NASA’s records show temperature records broken all over the world.

The weather extremes are stronger and stronger - be it droughts,
unbearable heat in the cities, wildfires, floods, loss of soil and mudslides or
tropical storms.

Consequences are dramatic - water, food and ecologic crisis, climate immigrants and destabilization of the world as we know it.

Humanity has a Solution.


Applied science yields tangible results. There are new oases free from these dramatic events. The key is water.

Leveraging our scientific research
we implemented mitigation measures - and they work! Rainwater retention is an absolute prerequisite for ecosystems to function.

Water saturation along with
ecosystem restoration prevents weather extremes.

'AI for Earth' Meets Barani Design


Our groundbreaking Ci2® monitoring system was awarded the 'AI for Earth' grant by Microsoft and ESRI. It is now connected via IoT to local climate data provided by Barani Design Technologies.

The collected data will be available for further research through the newly established New Water Paradigm
Point of Excellence.

Think globally. Act locally. Measure impact instantly.

30 Years of Research and Advocacy


The New Water Paradigm concept was recognized globally.

UN recognized our methods as sustainable, as one of only five in the world. We received the Goldman Environmental Prize (also known as Green Nobel) and many other recognitions.

While giving lectures all over the world, Michal also introduced the concept to prominent figures, such as Hilary Clinton, Tony Bair, presidents, prime ministers and many others.

The climate super-problem

It is almost certain that you or your close ones already experienced some sort of weather extreme related to climate change that our planet is struggling with. Imagine ... there's a way to stop the weather extremes from happening - be it floods or lack of groundwater, massive droughts or water erosion and mudslides, overheated cities or strong winds.
imagine, that there is someone who can stop this.

This someone is YOU !


We have the means to empower you to become this compelling character. If you join the 'Rain For Climate' movement, you will become capable of reversing the destructive course of climate change. This international expert team has been working relentlessly on understanding the causes of climate change ever since the 1980s. We found a scientifically sound and verifiable explanation, developed a solution and put it to the test at different locations. To cut the story short, regardless of the type of landscape, we create water retention measures to retain water in the country, regulate local temperature and restore more stable weather patterns.

It worked perfectly! Even more, these
proof of concept locations worldwide are doing well, and people are learning about the solution from there.
Would you say it gets as
simple as rain?


For more information on the explanation and the solution, please consult the science behind section.

The movement is slowly growing, but we need your help to make a significant impact on the already disturbed climate.



Help us to roll out a global campaign to build awareness and stabilize the weather all over the planet.